The Impact of ICT on Work

pp 175-193

Work Design Characteristics of Mobile-Intensive Workers: Implications for Future Work Design

  • Hyejung Lee
  • Jun-Gi Park 

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Modern Work Design Theory (WDT) presumes that different characteristics of work (motivational, social, and contextual) influence attitudinal outcomes of workers such as job satisfaction, thus work needs to be designed carefully with these characteristics taken into consideration. Moreover, increased adoption of ICT also changes these work characteristics as it provides capability to overcome physical limitations such as time and place. Recent rapid infiltration of smart devices connected to the Internet brings telecommuting and flexible time back into reality, hence “smart work” and “work smart” are becoming another catchphrase of consulting firms. This study extends the work design theory with ICT use. WDT variables are empirically tested against two different ICT user groups: one with mobile messenger use and another with PC messenger use. Mobile messenger use is treated as the surrogate of mobile working, expecting mobile messenger users are more subjected toward smart work while PC messenger users are relatively traditional workers at a fixed place. Meaningful differences are found in terms of motivational, social, and contextual work characteristics. Also, job satisfaction is found to be critically high for smart workers. Autonomy and interdependence are much higher for mobile messenger users while complexity of work is found to be much higher for PC-based messenger users. Results indicate the work design theory developed in industrial setting may also be applicable in information- and knowledge-based smart work setting. Further research and limitations are discussed at the end with practical implications.


Work design theory Motivational characteristics Social characteristics Attitudinal outcomes Smart work Autonomy Job complexity Interdependence Satisfaction

창업, 지식, 투자, 학원, 교육

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