창업기업의 일과 삶의 균형 효과: 조직 자부심과 업무 만족
An Effect of Work and Life Balance of Startup: Focus on Organizational Pride and Job Satisfaction 



약어 : 아태비즈니스

2019, vol.10, no.3, pp. 95-112 (18 pages)

발행기관 : 강원대학교 경영경제연구소

박준기 /Jun-Gi Park (제1)1 ,  심재섭 /Jae-Sub Shim (교신)2


It is important for the Startup team to enhance their employee's work & life balance in recent ages. this study is to research the effect of work & life balance on organizational pride, job satisfaction and performance. Also, we explore how the organizational climate which compose with autonomy, leader's support and trust affects work & life balance. This study analyzed the path effect with PLS method using data from 151 Startup teams. The results of analysis are as follows. First, it was confirmed that supervisor's support, trust of team climate positively influence work & life balance but autonomy is not confirmed to have the relationship with work & life balance. Second, work & life balance have a positive effect on organizational pride and job satisfaction. In addition, this study shows that organizational pride and job satisfaction have the relationship between work & life balance and team performance. Also, Startup team managing the work & life balance will get better performance and retain the competition.

창업, 지식, 투자, 학원, 교육

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